Roman Blinds

Roman Blinds are a practical and elegant option for your window.

Made in the fabric of your choice, with various linings.

Economical but stylish, their clean lines allow for abundant light when drawn up, and privacy when lowered.

Our blinds are made to your own measurements so contact us with the dimensions for a quote, or have a look at the prices of our made to measure.

They are easy to install, and come ready to hang with fittings and instructions – or we can fit them for you at a small extra charge.

A roman blind can be made in the fabric of your choice, with most curtain material being suitable.

Fabrics not suitable are:

  • Napped fabric like velvet or corduroy
  • Stretch fabric
  • Heavy upholstery fabric

To calculate the meterage:

  • A-  length of window plus 50 cm (for blinds narrower than your chosen fabric width).
  • B-  length of window plus 50 cm x 2 (for blinds wider than your chosen fabric width)

If the pattern on the fabric has to be positioned in a specific way to match other blinds in the room, please let us know. There should be sufficient fabric to allow for this. We will work out the meterage if you let us know the “design repeat” of your fabric.

A metal tape measure is recommended for accuracy. Only 2 sizes are required:

LENGTH – measure between where you want the top and bottom to be. The top of the blind is attached to a 2×2 cm wood batten.

WIDTH – The blind may be wide enough to cover the whole frame or narrower leaving the frame exposed.

If the window is recessed, you can position the blind inside the recess, near the glass, or outside the recess as illustrated. If outside the recess, make the blind width about 3 or 4 cm wider than the window on each side.

Take care that there are no objects to obstruct the smooth operation of the blind. Window levers and wall tiles can sometimes cause an obstruction to blinds inside a recess.

Bay windows: There should be a gap of at least 6cm between blinds, in the corners of the bay.

Roman blinds are usually backed with a protective ivory or white lining .

A blackout lining can be used to exclude most of the light. Blackout lining is off-white.

Muslin or “Sheer” blinds are semi-transparent and are a good alternative to net curtains.

Blinds can be interlined to give them a soft cosier look. This is great for silk etc.

Linen voile if thick enough, can be used un-lined. Alternatively, we will line the blind in a white or cream, thin transparent voile.


  • The blind can be plain or it can have various types of border trim.
  • We will create a border out of any fabric, ribbon or braid that yousupply.
  • The border trim should not be too bulky.


Provide us with the length and width of your proposed blinds. We will contact you as soon as possible and provide a quotation form which will include a price and the meterage of fabric.

Your chosen fabric can be ordered once we have received a 50% deposit. We have a large selection of fabrics to choose from in our shop.

Delivery: 4 -6 weeks from the day the blinds are ordered.


How to Order

  1. Provide us with the width and length measurements of your proposed blind.
  2. We will quickly respond by post or email and provide you with a written quotation form.
  3. Return the form to us along with your own fabric or the details of the fabric you would like ordered; plus a 50% deposit. We accept credit or debit cards or if you prefer you can send a cheque.
  4. Delivery will be 4 -6 weeks from the day the order is placed.
  5. Balance payment on completion of order.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries or would like us to provide a quotation.